Due to its location, the house isn’t connected to a mains water or gas supply, therefore the incoming water supply is pumped up from our well nearby. The water passes through an inline filter and softener before coming into the house. Whilst this water is fine when boiled, we would recommend bottled water for drinking generally. We would be grateful if you could be respectful of this precious resource and try to avoid wasting water unnecessarily.

The gas in the kitchen is piped up from a bottle in the cave (the 2nd garage space directly under the kitchen). If the gas supply stops, please firstly check the bottle level in the cave to see if its empty. A replacement bottle is stored in the cave - (please let us know if a gas bottle runs empty so we can organise a replacement).

All waste water from the bathroom and kitchen goes into 2 filtered ‘soak away’ tanks underground near the house. Please do not put disposable nappies, sanitary towels etc down the toilet as they will block the pipes and will not break down in the septic tank. There is a small waste bin and plastic liners in the bathroom to dispose of these items.

Please re-cycle your kitchen waste, keeping your glass and plastic bottles separate from normal kitchen rubbish, and dispose of bottles at the bottle bank on the main road just before coming into Villemagne.

There are 2 large plastic wheely bins on the side of the road 100 metres from the house where the road continues up the hill. Please just drop your kitchen rubbish bagged up into the brown bin and plastic/tin cans into the yellow bin.

Because this is rural southern France, powercuts occasionally happen at any time of year. The power supply to the house may also be over burdened by too many electrical appliances or heaters running at the same time. If you experience a power cut because of this, turn the trip switch in the garage back on and power will usually return.

Useful Information

There are printed guides at the house to help you make the most of walking or hiking trips in the National Park. The Espinouse, Caroux and Gorge d'Heric all provide some fantastic walks which are easily reached within 30 mins. For day trips out by car, there are Michelin maps, but a TomTom or other sat nav would also be helpful. Or consult Google Maps on your laptop or iPad once you get to the house or prior to leaving home.


For day trips by car, try and plan to get to your destination by 1.00 at the latest if you want to catch lunch (generally served between 12.00 and 2.00).